All places of the world in augmented reality.


Why is GPS research slow compared to google map?

Unlike Google map Panoramondo uses exclusively the precise localization through GPS, thatís why itís required to use the app outdoors. Then, in order to speed the GPS research it can be useful to activate the Wi-fi reception and/or 3G of your mobile

How can I avoid the labels overlap?

Setting Panoramondo action range properly.
If you use the entire sphere of activity (from 0 up to 40 Km) in high living density areas, the labels with names will be overlapped notably reducing the visibility of the information.
It is possible to define intermediate action range, for example:
"From 3 up to 5 Km" or "from 32 up to 38 Km" and so on.
This way Panoramondo will use a littler sphere of action reducing the number of overlapped labels.
Here is how to proceed:

As an alternative it is possible to set the action range through Panoramondo setting menu: In both cases, once you will have defined the action range it will be possible to move it through the volume keys on the device.
Pushing + button you will move 1Km forward an action range from "From 4 up to 6Km" to "From 5Km up to 7Km" and, still pushing the button, up to "From 38Km up to 40Km".
Pushing - button you will obtain the contrary, e.g. : "From 2 up to 4Km" will change to "From 1Km up to 3Km".

Why arenít the labels correctly located?

Panoramondo uses the integrated compass into the smartphone in order to establish the correct orientation. Unfortunately the compass could be not perfectly calibrated.
Thatís why itís recommended to use specific app for the compass calibration which can be found on google play store

Why sometimes do labels get transparent?

If GPS signal is temporarily absent then a "Searching GPS..." message will appear and labels will be displayed as semi-transparent (ghost modality) indicating that their actual position could not be the real one since without GPS itís not possible to determine the exact position.